Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Should a Bandogge be expected to do sport? If yes, why? If no, why?

Q5. Should a Bandogge be expected to do sport? If yes, why? If no, why?

Ancient GR: A5. It should be an added bonus. Nothing more.

DanUK: Again, agreed. It depends on definition of sport also. If one broadens the spectrum to encompass traditional KC activities such as CGC, entry level (companion) OB and even (ability to perform, not necessarily be in any way competitive) Agility, then yes. Likewise, if sport is also meant to encompass elements such as the Schutzhunde-BH or Ring-Brevet then the answer again should be yes, similarly tests such as the Austrian Mil-DH exam for the Rotti could also be argued as reasonable type of expectation for BST-type purposes. Anything beyond this as stated is a bonus and it is not felt that sports such as Schutzhunde, in particular beyond the entry levels, are conducive to identifying dogs for practical applications. To this extent, the use of Operational style temperament testing, training and appraisals is considered ultimately preferable, especially if the testing is conducted by respected professionals with a breadth of experience across all manner of breeds, not simply a line of Bandog's or a type of herder.

Dominick Donovan US: I believe that Bandog breeders would benefit from a general organized "concept" for the dog....and straight-forward performance test...... I have seen a few really special bandogges...dogs of high intelligence....tractable....explosive protectors...athletic and engaging....I have also seen many poor ones.....nervous....overly sensitive.... with physical problems....I believe the value or lack there-of in "sport" has more to do with HOW it is done than anything else....The approach and goal of the training needs to be carefully mapped out. I believe that a sport CAN mean quite a bit in evaluating overall trainability....desire......fighting drive.....and general nervous condition....

Katrina Hartwell AU: No, I don't see why any dog should be expected to do a sport. No matter what sport you take up there is somebody else knocking it, it is too easy, too hard, too unrealistic, too many props, not relevant, not made for this breed, etc, etc. When our Australian Bandog's trialed they proved themselves obedient, protective and stable without any professional training........that's better feedback for me as a breeder than any medal, bits of paper or letters behind their name.

Philippe Roy CA: Talk amounts to very little. Get out there Bandogge owners with your dogs, and show the world they can work. Why does public exposure have to = sport work?

I did a demo with an AB in PP in front of no less than a hundred people a couple of weeks ago. Nobody whom was there will walk away saying standard AB's do not work.

Not for shit, but I did not have to "incorporate" my dog into a program, just get out there and show drive and control.

People whom do not want to do sport with their Bandogges I have no problem with; it's doing NOTHING, or not feeling strong enough in you, your dog to prove it in any public way. That, I have a problem with.

Clinton Cilliers ZA: By selective breeding with bandog’s within a few generations you would produce a truly credible sport dog!!!!! Why is it not being done? Firstly there are sport dogs that have been bred for many generations and are truly fantastic, considering the time and effort needed to title, go with what works, the people capable of titling dogs will not want to invest in your new breed of dog since they “know” what works. Secondly you will no longer have a dog that is relaxed around the home with natural protection instincts.

Savannah had two litter brothers that were very mouthy (would hang off the ground at 6 weeks) very prey orientated and not too civil, they would have given sport type work a decent bash.

MaTi US: A good dog of any breed can "do" many of the tasks performed in sport work. Sport work is a system of patterns based on focus and trust… bond between handler and k9. Sport is not about balls and cookies. Sport is about teaching work ethic. When I go out on the field we have fun yes… I am a palate for the dog… I am his/her support team… yet, I am also the teacher… who corrects, intervenes, inhibits, prevents, interrupts, makes pressure, conflicts, and most importantly confronts the dog.

Sport work is a fantastic way to span out the perspective of the dog into being able to focus on many things independently… it trains the mind as well as muscle memory. Sport is repetition. Sport can be light or heavy. Just as Sport is criticized for being synthetic or inhibiting the potential of a PP dog… many sport dog trainers prefer and will own nothing less than a dog that will protect them in real life situations.

Aaron Davis US: What organized events are set up to test such courage?

Why does a dog have to be able to perform outstanding feats of wall scaling and jumping far distances to be considered a PP dog?

Does the fact that the dog lacks high level OB lessen it's effectiveness as a protector?

Why is a super high drive dog, like a Mal/sport dog, desired to guard someone’s house/family? It doesn't equate to a better PP dog IMO, it just makes for a harder to control hyper animal.

The argument of how long can the dog work is moot, all the dog needs to do is prevent entry or escape, it doesn't need to run 6 miles to accomplish that feat. It needs High level of confidence and fight drive. Courage is the name of the game. Selective breeding will accomplish this; however dogs like this are too much for most to handle. Everyone wants the tough dog, but often times once seen, realize that it can be liability in Suburbia America. These Dogs have their place, and there are a few breeders producing them, just as there are few breeders producing any good type of working dog. As everyone knows the show breeders produce softer temperament dogs in the mastiff/rare breeds, plain and simple.

Just one guy's opinion...